Water Tank Leakage Solution

Without Dismantling


Over head & underground tank

Concrete is less flexible and have cracks every time. Repairing an existing water tank is a time consuming process and cause inconvenience to the residents. Cement slurry is supposedly used to waterproof the tank which temporarily arrests the leakage from cracks & joints. Seepage and leakage from overhead and underground tanks spoils the decor, helps growth of algae and fungus and leads to weakening of the structure. Such areas hence need to be waterproofed by our “Supermega Waterproofing Chemical”.

Product no (Super mega-777)

We have successfully completed our job and pleased to provide the warranty of three (3) Years. This warranty is not covered against scratches, scrapping, hammering or any damages during any civil works. If you find any kind of problem during warranty period, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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