About Roof Waterproofing and Heatproofing

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What is waterproofing and heat proofing and why it’s important?

Waterproofing and heat proofing is the ability to seal up materials so that water doesn’t penetrate it, also roof not absorb heat as well, due internal surface tempratue will cooler then outer surface upto 8 degree, what I mean by that is if I’ve got cement sheet or floor or wall, if I’ve got a decking area but it’s got paving on it and there’s a room underneath it I need to seal those so that no water can penetrate through and into the areas next door. The other important factor about waterproofing and heat proofing is that, we need to make sure the structure behind stays sound and in good condition for the lifespan of that structure quite often what ends up happening is if we don’t waterproof, water will penetrate through the walls and some of the damage that water has done or can do and then it’ll eat through the structure and make the structure unsound and then also unsafe to live in or to be around.

There’s a lot of balconies or reports of structures that are collapsing under weight and that’s because upkeep needs to also be done quite often of these things and the ongoing observation of these areas also needs to be undertaken as well.

The standard of waterproofing depends on the area that you’re in and what the waterproofing is being used for sometimes waterproofing is only just water repellent which is a coating that allows the water run off like an oil on a deck or something similar to that but most of the time 98% of the time waterproofing and heat proofing means to seal the material that it’s on so the water can’t impregnate into it and then the structure is always sound underneath.

It’s not just the material that needs to be sealed it’s also any penetrations through that material that need to be sealed so any patience for your shower area such as your taps or any your bath, you bath out there anything like that needs to be sealed.

All the way round usually with something like this a tape and then a waterproofing membrane here I’m just doing the floor layer so what I’ve done is I’ve pre painted it with the waterproofing membrane then I embed the tape into that and then on top of that I’ve given another coat by doing this, what I’m doing is I’m sealing up all of the edges and any screw holes or any other penetrations that might be there.

This way I can ensure that there’s no chance that water can get through that and that the whole membrane becomes one seal and it works as one unit like a big sheet or tab.

please check your regulations on waterproofing and heat proofing in any area. About waterproofing and heatproofing, if you can always ensure that you use a licensed trades, person and somebody that’s a professional in the industry knows what they’re doing and has a track record of good sound workmanship.

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