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Roof Waterproofing

Our Roof Leakage and Waterproofing Treatment synthetic compounds is one of a kind polymeric dependent on polyurethane. It is applied on the outside of the rooftop subsequent to cleaning residue, rust and other undesirable materials. This polymer is a high holding material reasonable with all sort of surfaces like solid, asbestos and metallic sheets to oppose water dampness and particles of water exist in moistness up to 100%. This synthetic additionally can be rust watchman for metallic sheets.

Typically the principle reasons of water spillage in a wide range of rooftops are by and large breaks, of all shapes and sizes openings and pinholes in concrete works, which isn’t built as watertight. This compound has a property to infiltrate in these sorts of breaks, miniature pores and pin openings profoundly to the finish to fill it. It impedes all the water entrance ways consequently after dryness.